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Update speed

Postby kosborn » Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:10 pm

Is it possible to speed up the iconsafety magic edit site? Will it run faster on the paid hosting plan (we are planning to move to paid plan once the site goes live, but will start sooner if it will speed things up)

To gauge how slow it was when working with it just now:
I timed adding a new repeat on this page http://iconsafe.free.magicedit.com/manufacturers.html
From the time I hit “new” until it put on a new line it was 20 seconds
When I added a new logo (2.8k), it took 15 seconds
Adding in the word “Bradley” took 22 seconds, and the details text took 12 seconds.
All in all , this means that every additional entry in the magic repeat is over a minute of delay time! Seems like it shouldn’t take so long…
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