Made changes to page but don't see them

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Made changes to page but don't see them

Postby kosborn » Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:57 pm

Is there some weird caching going on here?

I've made an update to the last picture. The new code is
<A HREF="/images/Pergola-Terrace-and-Private-Bar.jpg" target="other"><IMG SRC="images/Pergola-Terrace-and-Private-Bar.jpg" WIDTH="300" ALIGN="RIGHT" STYLE="padding:8px;border:1px solid #CCC;margin:12px;"></A>

But its still showing the old code & image on the browser/front end

<img align="right" src="images/__DSC_6914.jpg" style="border-bottom: rgb(204,204,204) 1px solid; border-left: rgb(204,204,204) 1px solid; padding-bottom: 8px; margin: 12px; padding-left: 8px; padding-right: 8px; border-top: rgb(204,204,204) 1px solid; border-right: rgb(204,204,204) 1px solid; padding-top: 8px" width="190" />

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