Spacing from MS Word

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Spacing from MS Word

Postby kosborn » Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:34 pm

MS WOrd introduces all sorts of formatting glitches... but one I have seen over and over again is the presence of double spacing when the desire is for only one space.

My client has pasted their first information from their word doc.

On the Word doc, the space between beer & wine names is just a simple line break (like the below for example)


But when pasted in the CMS, it looks like this



And so on for the entire long list of wines.

Now I know this isn't necessarily your fault - I have seen this many times coming from Word to a CMS. BUT... its a pain and when I've done custom CMS' I do special code to work around this. Is there anything that can be done? My client is already complaining about the idea of having to go line by line to fix all these extra spaces, understandably. And her old CMS didn't do this...

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Re: Spacing from MS Word

Postby raw10 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:56 am

Well, MagicEdit uses the (generally well-regarded) CKEditor for rich text editing, so the issue might be with that. We are currently looking at upgrading to the most recent version, and trolling through the updates to see if it resolves this particular issue.

In general, it's not a very good idea to copy/paste from Word directly, since there is a bunch of hidden code in there that can really play havoc with a website. That said, it does look like the new version of CKEditor will address the issue and strip out the offending Word code upon pasting. We may also enable the "Paste from Word" button on the editor when we do the upgrade.

Another thing to consider is that the editor may be automatically inserting <p> tags instead of just line breaks (<br />). You could work around this by adjusting the CSS to handle the margin and padding on <p> differently when inside a particular wrapping container.

Anyway, stay tuned and we'll update you on our progress.
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