Bugginess with photo gallery

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Bugginess with photo gallery

Postby kosborn » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:13 pm


I just finished implementing the photo gallery using your code from your website.

You can see it here http://www.depotsonoma.com/NewSlideshow/index.html

There are a few buggy features I wanted to mention:
1) the edit button & other buttons flash a lot when hovered over. I ended up moving them top the top of the pic and this helped enough, when implemented onto the main page so its no longer an issue, but this appeared to be an issue with the code standing alone from the download so I think it will be an issue for others as well. I have worked it out for my purposes http://www.depotsonoma.com/Depot-Weddings-Photos.html
2) Its rather hard to move the position of photos, because each time you click the up or down arrow, the slideshow reloads back on the original (first) photo, so it takes another click to go back to the slide you were moving to click up or down again (if you want to move it several positions)
3) The image looks grainy when its uploaded & resized.
4) Is there any way to "autoplay" the slideshow?

Thanks for building this! Kathy
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Re: Bugginess with photo gallery

Postby raw10 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:44 pm

Looks like we need to update that page. We have a newer gallery that we've been deploying, in addition to a number of other popular image galleries. If you want to try out the new version that solves most of the problems you've been encountering, try out this one:


To see how it's implemented, just download the zip:


Just copy the "me_ajaxGallery" folder onto the site, then use the following include code to place the gallery on the page:

<!--#include file="me_ajaxGallery/me_ajaxGallery.shtml"-->

As for the images appearing grainy, make sure you are uploading images that are either the size they are going to be displayed (exactly) or at least 2x bigger. The resizing algorithm doesn't do very well when the image is only being resized down a little bit.

Here are some features of the new gallery:
  • Only load images when clicked on (AJAX)
  • When editing, you can click on the placeholder image to upload a new one (instead of using the edit button)
  • Resorting won't reload the whole page
  • Better management of captions
  • More modular design

Note that you must have jQuery included in the page before the gallery.
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