August 8, 2012 - CKEditor Images, Canvas, and CurrentPage

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August 8, 2012 - CKEditor Images, Canvas, and CurrentPage

Postby raw10 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:15 am

During yesterday's Web Wednesday discussion there were a few questions raised that we took offline. Here's a shot at answering them!

CKEditor and Images

Andre was asking about how to integrate image management into CKEditor. CKEditor by default only supports adding images that already live on the web somewhere, so to actually support uploading images to your server requires additional features. In particular, there are some security concerns since you want to make sure that malicious files aren't being hosted on your server, or if they are uploaded they won't mangle something.

After a bit of research, it seems that CKFinder ( is probably the best approach. It's not free, but it's not horribly expensive either (starting at $59/site). Visit to view options for various server-side technologies.

HTML5 Canvas Tutorial

After a bit of Googling around, one of the better canvas tutorials I found is the one by Mozilla:

Highlighting the Current Page in Navigation

We're big on code reuse, so using a single include file for navigation makes a whole lot of sense. The only thing that really needs to change regularly is a class that indicates the current page that is open in the navigation. Here's a jQuery plugin to help make this happen:

Check that out and let us know how it goes, and thanks for joining us for Web Wednesday!
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